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A Little Pearl of Flowery Wisdom

Well my lovelies, I have been thinking about all the beautiful weddings I have worked on, and those that I am currently planning. So, I wanted to share some of my experiences to date with you - especially those of you who have recently got engaged, or are maybe at the very beginning of your wedding planning journey!

From my experience, it is best to think of the day as an extension of your personalities and ensure it reflects both Bride and Groom and whats important to you. In terms of selecting the perfect venue-whilst the grand country house or upmarket hotel is a draw for weddings if you are more comfortable in your wellies at the weekend surrounded by your dogs and in jeans and trackies then perhaps look for a venue where you and your guests will feel comfortable and relaxed. Some of the nicest weddings I have had the privilege of being involved in have been the ones which best mirror the couple getting married.

There is such a wide range of venues in Northern Ireland from Montalto Carriage Rooms, Culloden resort and Spa to Marquees at Breckenhill, Lime Park cottages, Larchfield Estate, Redhall estate, country pubs for intimate gatherings such as Billy Andys and agricultural style barns such as Brookhall - you are absolutely spoilt for choice.

Once you have found the perfect venue think about the overall look and feel you are trying to create on the day. I hate the word 'theme' but this is basically what it comes down to. What do you want guests to experience on the day? What do you want them to remember about the day? What reflects you both? I have had some very unusual requests for weddings so far not just the popular looks of 'vintage' or 'country' but much more than that. I have had requests for something a bit different and only after a bit more digging we have decided on a particular era such as ' Old Holywood Glamour', 'Art Deco', something to incorporate a particular season, a particular style and subculture 'Gothic', 'Mod' etcetera. To be honest these are the really fun ones to do. I ask the couple what their interests are and then we come up with some ideas of how we can put their personalities into their flowers. This is the most important bit for me, this will help shape the style of flowers I choose, the colours, the fragrance, the additional elements I include. I love it when guests or family who have attended the weddings contact me to comment on how the flowers were so perfect for the Bride and Groom 'Kim it was just them'- is a regular response.

If you haven't got a particular theme in mind think perhaps about a favourite colour, I did have one beautiful Bride who said 'I don't mind what you do Kim but the flowers must be blue'. She insisted on blue flowers and said, 'I always wear blue it is my favourite colour and my friends wouldn't expect anything else from me'! When she showed me the colour of the Bridesmaid dress and told me about her childhood picking wildflowers in meadows I knew exactly the look I would go for that would work both in the setting for the wedding and with her own relaxed style.

Try and ensure all the wedding elements are cohesive on the day, from the venue styling to the flowers to the cake to the food. This will allow for the overall impact to be greater. If possible draw up a mood board with the colours you want included and the style and give these to everyone involved. This way even if the various providers don't meet until the actual day they will all be working from the same brief and each element will complement the other.

Pinterest is a really good place to start looking for inspiration also One Fab Day's website is full of real-life weddings.

Whatever you decide for your dream wedding my final word would, of course, be flower related. Next to your dress your flowers are the most important element, they will be seen in every photograph taken on the day, every time you go into 'Great Aunt Nancy's' house you will be faced with the wedding photo of you both with the flowers you chose so make sure and get it right and most importantly remember it is your day and do what makes you happy!

Love, Kim x

Kim Davies